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The Beginning of a Political Revolution Led By Young Women By Robin Barnes

Parsing Talk of Danger, Targets, Hell and Bimbos This blog is largely devoted to media analysis, featuring original posts or those written by others that speak to issues surrounding media influence in public debate. The 2016 Election coverage offers the more grist for the mill than nearly any other source, as it provides a first-hand […]

Senator Bernie Sanders: History-Making Grassroots Support

Question of Media Black Out? Is the Democratic National Committee trying to undermine the presidential campaign of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders? That’s the charge Sanders’ team is making amid a dust-up over a breach of voter information. On Friday, the DNC suspended Sanders’ access to a critical database after finding his staffers improperly viewed front-runner Hillary Clinton’s […]

A Media Renaissance — South Of the Border By Michael Shaw

Mexico is a destination for art directors, copywriters, media buyers, account executives and the panoply of photographers, filmmakers, and international clients—the entire roadshow of creative personalities and business professionals.


While it’s impossible to predict what’s next, what we do know is that we are operating in a state of continual disruption, where something new is always around the corner. Whether it’s the further proliferation of mobile devices or the evolution of social platforms and interactive channels, news organizations that are able to recognize these new trends will be ahead of the curve.


  Female Reporters Threatened With Violence For Reporting On Patrick Kane Allegations.       Female Journalists Abused Online, with Threats of Killing and Rape.         Twitter abuse: Women journalists get more threats.               Most Female Journalists Have Been Threatened, Assaulted, or Harassed at Work. Here’s […]

Looking to Charge Bill Cosby? By Robin Barnes

It’s hard to imagine, given the scope of the New York Magazine article, featuring a dramatic photo collage of his alleged victims on its cover: that US authorities are going to pass on the opportunity to indict Bill Cosby for rape. The article suggests that although they photographed and interviewed 35 women, there are still more […]

Dharun Ravi was Convicted of a Hate Crime and Hate Speech is Still the Problem By Robin Barnes

Alternet’s Julianne Hing recently posted an article on the conviction and sentencing of former Rutgers student Dharun Ravi. Ravi’s is a tale of outrageous invasion of privacy, cyber bullying, hate speech and more. He videotaped his gay roommate’s sexual encounters and posted them on the internet with vicious commentary. Ravi faces up to 10 years […]

Dan Lyons fears Facebook investors encouraging insane IPO valuation: 100 billion?

What’s a mere 100 billion between them to secure the kind of power that having that much information on the whole of the electorate can ultimately buy?


So the News of the World is no more.  The past few weeks have seen a daily outburst of fresh and abhorrent allegations of the extent to which News of the World reporters were prepared to plumb the depths of depravity to bring ‘scoops’ that only the most prurient and unashamedly inhumane reader would enjoy.  […]

Key Efforts to Prevent U.S. Pornography Production Company Mantra Films Inc., From Filming Girls Gone Wild in the U.K. By Robin Barnes

Girls Gone Wild relies upon “informed consent” as it disseminates a permanent record of a moment’s indiscretion for girls barely out of high school.