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Key Efforts to Prevent U.S. Pornography Production Company Mantra Films Inc., From Filming Girls Gone Wild in the U.K. By Robin Barnes

Girls Gone Wild is a multi-million reality video series featuring college age women who have been coerced into stripping naked, exposing their genitals, and making out with other girls in front of the camera in spring-break-style party frenzy.  The producers obtain written consent for use of the images in their commercial enterprise.  Leaders in jurisdictions that object to their immoral exploitation of young intoxicated women have found greater difficulty preventing the film crews from descending upon their towns than the show’s producers have faced in court for the extent of their abuse. Even girls whose blood alcohol level does not impair their ability to object to their clothes being removed, have been held to have given implied consent when stripped by “friends” while on the dance floor at a Girls Gone Wild sponsored event.  Those suffering emotional trauma from being ridiculed about their participation have been unable to recover, despite jury findings that the show’s producers exceeded “all possible bounds of decency and is regarded as shocking, atrocious, and utterly intolerable in a civilized community.” Their process is simple, select young girls who just want to have fun, say whatever you need to obtain their “informed” consent (while sober), then create a party-like atmosphere, ply them with liquor, request that they perform acts that capture and record them in a state of nudity and sexual abandon, and sell it as the Hottest Top 50 Breasts Ever edition for $49.98 on blue-ray disc.  Hence, Girls Gone Wild relies upon” informed consent” as it disseminates a permanent record of a moment’s indiscretion for girls barely out of high school, at an age and stage when “good judgment” in plentiful supply (generally) is surely lacking after much provocation and 6 shots of tequila; turning America’s teens into porn stars.

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