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Elizabeth Warren heckled – “Socialist Whore” By Robin Barnes

Noting that the recent jobs bill rejected by the conservative US Senate would have brought 22,000 new jobs to Massachusetts, Warren reminded the heckler who thinks that women are intimidated by the label slut and whore that she has been on the front lines of protesting Wall Street excesses “for a very long time.”

Her response to the disruption was to remind those who witnessed the outburst that there was plenty of work to be done and now is the time to address the nation’s longstanding policy of socialism for the 1%.  The point, as Thomas Ferguson summarized in Boston, “is to force government to take account of the interests of the 99% of Americans who have been left holding the bag for bank bailouts, bonuses, and corporate welfare as they scramble to find jobs and dig themselves out of debt.”  He assured Occupy Wall Street Protestors: “Only weeks after you surged in the streets, your numbers are much better than the Tea Party’s. I would guess that in part that is because many Americans have favorably noted your culture of non-violence, tolerance, and respect for individual persons. The contrast with the cults of violence growing up elsewhere in the system is obvious and infinitely refreshing.”

Ferguson goes on to highlight the two less visible problems with money and politics in the United States today:

 1. Top level policy is controlled by Congressional Committees: “You want a committee slot or an important leadership post, you buy it.”

2.  Disparities between regulators’ salaries and what you can make in the private sector has transformed our regulatory institutions into employment agencies for the industries they are supposed to regulate.

 Now we move onto solutions:

 I agree with Ferguson that we need a constitutional amendment that forces government to regulate money in elections. With the many proposed amendments to bolster the Tea Party’s social agenda, we’d have to make room for meaningful legislation, which is really about wiping the slate clean with Elizabeth Warren and her cohorts at the head of the table.

 Ultimately, money in politics is about the handful of large corporations that control nearly all broadcast media. The most important regulator will have to become the FCC.  Reigning in political advertisements, op-ed news shows, lies and distortions on cable television “news” programming, and regulating all forms of media consistent with the public good, is where the real “occupy” movement is needed.