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Libel Remedies for Media Fabrication -Taking on the Giants By Robin Barnes

Richard Donovan is the founder of the most successful Marathon that the North Pole has ever hosted. At a cost of 12,000 euros per person, the brave have answered this call.

By competing in the world’s coolest marathon, the North Pole Marathon, you will become one of a truly select few to race at the top of the world – at the Geographic North Pole. And you will feel on top of the world when you manage to overcome the extreme sub-zero temperatures to finish 26.2 miles in one of the remotest parts of the planet.  

But first you must ask yourself if you have got the nerve and drive to travel to the North Pole and run on Arctic ice floes, with 6 to 12 feet separating you from 12,000 feet of Arctic Ocean? Can you handle the extreme cold? Are you fit enough? Do you want to push yourself to the edge? If the answer is yes, then you are ready for the North Pole Marathon. Join race director Richard Donovan, the first marathoner at both the North and South Poles, in a trip of a lifetime. Remember, this marathon is not run on land – it is run ‘on’ water, frozen water, in the high Arctic Ocean. You will never have a greater adventure marathon story. http://www.npmarathon.com/

 Business was great until Donovan allowed a writer for Forbes Magazine to tag along for the 2006 race.  The trip and the race were a success.  The sensationalized, fabrications published by the magazine and distributed to 5 million readers a short time later was nothing short of a travesty that caused a 50% decline in business.  Forbes may have been banking on the lack of enforcement of libel laws in the US to protect them, in much the same fashion of sleazy tabloids.  However, Donovan experienced a high-level victory because he hired famed media libel lawyer Paul Tweed.  Tweed’s legendary BBC documentaries See You in Court, features Episode 3: 12 April 201, that covers his work on behalf of Richard Donovan.  Way to Go Paul!  Congratulations Mr. Donovan.


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