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OXYMORONIC: The Commentary on the Lack of Commentary on Sally Ride’s Sexual Orientation By Robin Barnes

Sally rideAndrew Sullivan wrote a piece blasting the New York Times for homophobia. The paper, according to Sullivan, should have openly acknowledged that the late Sally Ride: the first woman to travel into outer space was lesbian.  To do so would have contradicted the express wishes of the deceased. He wrote:

Dr. Ride was known for guarding her privacy. She rejected most offers for product endorsements, memoirs and movies, and her reticence lasted to the end. At her request, NASA kept her illness secret. In 1983, writing in The Washington Post, Susan Okie, a journalist and longtime friend, described Dr. Ride as elusive and enigmatic, protective of her emotions. “During college and graduate school,” Dr. Okie wrote, “I had to interrogate her to find out what was happening in her personal life.”

Thus, the question becomes who has truly disrespected Ride’s memory and wishes?  The editor’s at the Times or Andrew Sullivan?