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Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz Proclaimed that he is Treating Lindsay Lohan Like Every Other Criminal Defendant. But He’s Not! By Robin Barnes

Before hearing a shred of evidence, the trial judge delivered these lines with the cameras rolling and guaranteed exposure on tonight’s news?

“You will be treated exactly the same as anyone else, no better, no worse. That’s very important to me.”

 “There are a couple things you need to understand.”

“If this case is resolved in front of me, you are going to jail.”

“I don’t want you to be a repeat offender in the system.”

“I want you to get on with your life.

“I want you to reach whatever potential you have and move on and stop causing yourself, your family any additional stress.”

If the case is resolved here, it will involve psychological counseling.

“If the case settles here, you need to get a reliable, trustworthy and reasonable sponsor unrelated to any of your family members.”

“I need somebody unrelated to you who is not moved by anything other than seeing you succeed,” to “help you stay away from substance abuse issues, help you stay away from alcohol issues, help you get back on track and hopefully reach the potential that you have.”

Opportunistic?  Paternalistic?  Premature? Condescending? Perhaps! Like every other criminal defendant—Not a Chance!