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A Media Renaissance — South Of the Border By Michael Shaw

Reprinted from Huffpost media


Here’s a question for armchair politicos, business school professors, foreign policy advisers and world travelers:

 Mike shawWhat country runs from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf Stream waters of the North American basin, and stretches for more than 2,000 miles, with a terrain as diverse as its 120 million citizens?

 What country is a showcase of technological innovation, international finance, commercial development, while supporting robust print media, advertising, and creative vitality from Canada to Latin and South America?

 The answer, of course, is Mexico. Among many other things, the country is an artistic bridge to the United States, and a linguistic extension on behalf of the Spanish-speaking people north and south of the Equator.

 At the forefront of this movement is Kenneth Isom Barnes, a Mexico City-based publisher and entrepreneur, who is an intelligent business owner and astute observer of various trends.

 As Barnes notes, contrary to the current trend, circulation of print media is on the rise in Latin America. Big names—including GM, Telcel, Walmart, Nestle, and P&G—are spending big dollars in Mexico.

 It confirms the findings of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), released in its “Global Entertainment and Media Outlook: 2015-2019,” where, aside from holding steady and weathering the onslaught of a volatile marketplace, advertising for consumer magazines—in Mexico and Latin America—should increase during the next four years.

 Mr. Barnes says:

 “Mexico is a dynamic country with a series of rich cultural and culinary traditions. Showcasing this history through the power of print and digital media, complemented by the concept of branding as storytelling, is a chance for advertisers to express themselves with long-form content that is substantive and stylish.”

 Consider that comment within the broader context of a surge in online advertising totaling $479 billion. Then there is that spike in e-commerce surpassing $6 billion in annual sales. Mexico demonstrates that one need not choose between “conventional” marketing and the Web. Both platforms offer promising returns and plenty of room for creativity.

 That flexibility, particularly within the realm of commercial television, is one of several reasons why, according to Barnes, “TV programs—from situation comedies to soap operas to action-adventure shows—have an established audience with immediate appeal to global advertisers.”

 As the statistics illustrate, and as independent studies confirm, Mexico is a destination for art directors, copywriters, media buyers, account executives and the panoply of photographers, filmmakers, and international clients—the entire roadshow of creative personalities and business professionals.

 Visit Mexico, and rejoice in this media extravaganza.

 Witness the character of a country alive with a narrative of historical significance and cultural greatness.


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