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The Never Ending Stream of Refugees


The Rift Across Europe Cathrine Gyldensted

Director of Constructive Journalism, Windesheim University


Citizens of numerous European nations have divided in two camps: Pro or Against refugees. The middle ground has a hard time getting any press.

How will my country and so many others deal with the enormous stream of refugees fleeing from Syria?, or the many seeking a better life in Western Europe from African nations where possibilities and opportunities are scarce? How will we manage to establish a conversation that bridge views instead of creating trenches? Will we choose to shed light on everything or only the parts that are faulty? Will we portray refugees as victims without hope or capable human beings with resilience and resources?

When the landing gear touches the tarmac, I am embarking on a significant journey myself with the potential to mend what is missing from news journalism.

I am taking on a position as Director of Constructive Journalism in the Netherlands, which will be a World’s first. Windesheim University taking this bold step believes that journalism should stop victimizing victims and demonizing crooks, stop its chronic focus on conflict and shy away from acting as polarizers.

Instead we will focus on solutions:

Facilitating a future-oriented debate Expand interview techniques Shed light on the middle ground Work with journalists unrecognized hidden biases Skillfully create engagement View audiences as co-creators

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In our current time and age, we need to see far. We need to look ahead.

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