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Dear Cody Cain: What About the Fourth Estate?

Blogging on HuffPost and Salon Cain says that Trump has rattled our foundation and begs the question of whether the: People Can Be Trusted with Democracy.


What about the media?

The media has trounced on Bernie Sanders from day one and given Trump two for one in terms of coverage for every dollar he’s spent on political ads.

Trust? Consider these headlines:

Bernie Blackout? As DNC Accused of Targeting Sanders, Corporate Media Ignores Historic Campaign


CBS Chief Les Moonves Says Trump’s ‘Damn Good’ For Business

“Sorry. It’s a terrible thing to say. But, bring it on, Donald. Keep going.”


Cain describes Trump as a demagogue stampeding through victory after victory in the primary elections. Then asks “What has gone so terribly wrong in our system?”  He is mocking in tone and emphasis: Does democracy even work?

Perhaps it does:

When the elites who guide this nation make responsible decisions and not only serve the wealthy few but also provide for the economic security and well-being of every person in society, the common people readily accept this leadership and have no desire or interest in upsetting the applecart. But in this age of deplorable income inequality, the governing elites have failed society by neglecting to protect the middle and lower classes and instead allowing the wealthy to plunder the population mercilessly. The common people have had enough. They may not know exactly how to improve their situation and they may not be acting rationally. But they’re acting. They’ve been forced to act. Perhaps this is a lesson to the elites who guide this nation. Perhaps this is democracy working exactly as it should.


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