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 French Muslims attend Catholic Mass to show solidarity after the murder of a priest

By Tess Owen

July 31, 2016

Muslims across France attended Catholic Mass on Sunday to show their solidarity and compassion in the wake of the brutal murder of a French priest by two teenagers who claimed to be acting in the name of the Islamic State.

“Solidarity and condolences,” Anouar Kbibech, the head of the French Council of the Muslim Faith wrote on Twitter. “Call to national unity.”

The Associated Press reported that a few dozen Muslims congregated at the Gothic cathedral in Rouen where Reverend Jacques Hamel, 85, had his throat slit on Tuesday.

Among the parishioners in Rouen was a nun who was taken hostage at Hamel’s church. According to AP, she shook hands and embraced Muslim churchgoers. Muslims also revealed a banner outside the church, with the words “Love for all. Hate for none.”




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