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Rosie O’Donnell: Still Serving as a Clear, Cogent Voice of Reason in the National Media By Robin Barnes

When asked to comment upon the Billy Ray Cyrus’s concerns about the effect of Showbiz on his family life, O’Donnell provided a reasoned and thoughtful response:

“I think he’s doing what a lot of us are doing that have teenagers, including me, [saying], ‘What the hell is going on here? I thought I was in control of this place and now the kids are acting out. In reality, the explanation for Miley’s behavior is that she’s a “teenager acting like a teenager.” “A 16 or 18-year-old girl is going to separate from the parents no matter what. They’re going to smoke some salvia… they’re going to drink some beer. This is what happens when kids are 18 and they’re trying to separate.”

More importantly the constant scrutiny of young women’s choices in the tabloid press and main stream media is ripe for further analysis. Stay tuned.

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