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Tag: John Edwards

The Edwards Affair By Robin Barnes

Prospective jurors were asked their opinions of Mr. Edwards, their views on adultery, and their political leanings. Similar to the media coverage of the affair, none of these issues relate to issues of justice and fairness in democracy, nor has the case sparked any meaningful debate about campaign finance laws in general.

Rachel Maddow, Political Sex Scandals and the State of Affairs By Robin Barnes

I’ve received more requests for media interviews concerning political sex scandals than all other topics combined.  My recent book OUTRAGEOUS INVASIONS, Celebrities’ Private Lives, Media and the Law (Oxford University Press) focuses upon the evolution of press rights, the legal and social consequences of characterizing celebrities as public figures, and how “entertainment news” deflects attention […]

Media Pundits Star in the Theater of the Absurd By Robin Barnes

Why the public feels moved to discuss anyone else’s sexual proclivities, and stand by to watch the press stalk and dig through every nuance of Maria Shriver’s life, rather than taking to the streets in support of Elizabeth Warren’s leadership of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and ongoing efforts to stabilize the economy, I confess, is beyond me.

John Edwards The Go-to Story By Robin Barnes

In the middle of a national tragedy and mourning for the fallen in Tuscon ‘s politically motivated shooting spree, last Saturday, there remains no shortage of tabloid or mainstream speculation about the intimate details of John Edwards’ private life.  Each new story recounts all of the same details without any relevant context. The National Enquirer […]