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To the mothers who learned Saturday morning that a child of theirs was lost to them forever, to the fathers and families of those who lost their lives in Beirut and in Paris on November 13, 2015, to officials who are shocked that it happened on their watch, and to those who are acting and reacting and plotting and planning without any semblance of rhyme or reason I send love. Wherever you are, however you feel, I know that in the words of Michael Jackson, you are part of me.

Media Pundits Star in the Theater of the Absurd By Robin Barnes

Why the public feels moved to discuss anyone else’s sexual proclivities, and stand by to watch the press stalk and dig through every nuance of Maria Shriver’s life, rather than taking to the streets in support of Elizabeth Warren’s leadership of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and ongoing efforts to stabilize the economy, I confess, is beyond me.