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Conviction: Former Cop, Serial Rapist Who Targeted Black Women Receives 263 Year Prison Sentence

Daniel Holtzclaw, a former college football player and pro NFL player in 2009 for the Detroit Lions, will serve life in prison for sexually assaulting over a dozen black women, mostly while on duty. Read Full Story http://www.theroot.com/articles/news/2015/12/former_okc_officer_daniel_holtzclaw_found_guilty_on_18_of_36_charges_faces.html [1] Toni Irving, Decoding Black Women: Policing Practices and Rape Prosecution on the Streets of Philadelphia http://muse.jhu.edu/journals/ff/summary/v020/20.2.irving.html […]

Role of A&E Television Network’s Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy

When television networks undertake production with some mixing and matching of the skills of documentarians, investigative journalists and tabloid publishers, in an untimely film about the ongoing struggles in the lives of real people, there’s a problem. Robin D. Barnes

NPR’s Recent Report on FBI-DOJ’s Fake News Story Missed a Few Details

the real issue for democracy has nothing to do with a standard sting used to save lives and maintain order and stability, but rather the extent to which the DOJ/ F.B.I.’s use of such techniques was in this and ALL OTHER CASES subject to close judicial oversight, by independent judges prior to execution. The 4th Amendment guarantees the individual protection from unreasonable searches and seizures as well as rights against self-incrimination. The installation of malware on a citizen’s private computer without the requisite oversight is surely unacceptable.

High Level Impact of Charleston Massacre?

…the role of symbolic speech in our daily lives when government officials at that state and local levels tacitly endorse messages of hate. The massacre in Charleston, South Carolina provided a stark example on the eve of that decision.

Dharun Ravi was Convicted of a Hate Crime and Hate Speech is Still the Problem By Robin Barnes

Alternet’s Julianne Hing recently posted an article on the conviction and sentencing of former Rutgers student Dharun Ravi. Ravi’s is a tale of outrageous invasion of privacy, cyber bullying, hate speech and more. He videotaped his gay roommate’s sexual encounters and posted them on the internet with vicious commentary. Ravi faces up to 10 years […]

Big Brother on Steroids! By Robin Barnes

In United States versus Jones, the US Supreme Court upheld the suspect’s privacy rights against invasion because the tracking device was secured via trespass upon private property.  The Court failed to address the more substantial potential for invasion that requires nothing more than mining data ubiquitously stored by thousands of corporate entities. Justice Sonya Sotomayor […]

Dan Lyons fears Facebook investors encouraging insane IPO valuation: 100 billion?

What’s a mere 100 billion between them to secure the kind of power that having that much information on the whole of the electorate can ultimately buy?

Celebrity Scandal Roundup By Robin Barnes

With the debt ceiling crisis left unresolved and millions of protestors taking to the streets to Occupy McPherson Square and its equivalent all over this great nation, you would imagine that the tabloid stalking of celebrities might cease while a spotlight is shined on Wall Street Barons. Oh well, dare to dream.  The Washington Post […]

Does the First Amendment Prevent California from Regulating the Sale of Violent and Degrading Video Games to Minors? By Robin Barnes

preventing violent, aggressive, and antisocial behavior; and preventing psychological or neurological harm to minors who play violent video games.

Media Attacks on Child Stars and Children of Stars Reaches New Low By Robin Barnes

The headlines are getting worse and worse. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, and Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes have a strong basis for a legal challenge to public media attacks on their kids. Tabloid-style stalking and criticism of their kids and parenting styles has reached an all time low, and is one of the reasons […]